The Beaverbrook Spitfires

Beaverbrook web image

This recent commission came from the owners of the Beaverbrook estate in Surrey, the former home of newspaper baron and wartime minister Lord Beaverbrook.

Beaverbrook was a close friend of Winston Churchill, serving in several ministerial roles during WWII, notably as Minister of Aircraft Production when he oversaw the programme to maximise production of the iconic Spitfire fighter aircraft, famously urging wartime families to donate pots and pans that could be used to build the plane.

The Beaverbrook estate wishes to mark this auspicious connection with a lasting landmark on the location’s chalk downlands; the installation would be a traditional chalk cut, making it the newest in an age-old tradition.

The striking 80 metres image would capture the spirit of the historic Spitfire and its vital role in the Battle of Britain.

The project is currently a concept, and awaits planning approval.